GStreamer MP3 Encoding mini-HowTo *

* or how to enable mp3 output in SoundConverter

Ubuntu Ubuntu

If you are using regular, stock Ubuntu: Click here to install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package.
If you are using Kubuntu: kubuntu-restricted-extras.
If you are using Xubuntu: xubuntu-restricted-extras.
If you are using Lubuntu: lubuntu-restricted-extras.

Fedora Fedora

Add RPM Fusion repository.
Install gstreamer1-plugins-ugly.

Gentoo Gentoo

Install package gst-plugins-lame.

Debian Debian

Install package gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly.

OpenSuse OpenSuse

Follow the instruction on documentation.

Archlinux Arch Linux

Install package gst-plugins-ugly.

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